Simply Roof Windows - The Certified Velux Installers in Surrey
Simply Roof Windows - Certified Velux Installers in Surrey

Installation of quality Velux windows

For more than 70 years Velux has the led the world in the development of energy efficient roof windows of the highest quality. If you have a stuffy or dark room in your home, then Velux windows can make a huge difference. Roof windows let in twice as much light as vertical windows and up to three times as much light as dormer windows. They can also provide superb ventilation and views. We have over a decade's experience installing roof windows and 30 years' experience in the building trade. Most of our installations do not require scaffolding, providing you have a traditional roof covering. This will save you between £750 and £1,500 on the cost of installing your roof windows.

We can install Velux windows into:

Unconverted loft spaces

Loft conversions






Garden Offices


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Choosing your Velux roof window

Our experience will ensure that you receive the very finest roof window installation. Thanks to their versatility, you are guaranteed to find a style and size of roof window to complement any space. We combine the quality of these products with the experience of our dedicated team and competitive prices to provide a complete service, including full installation and flashing and all internal making good work if required.

The windows we can install include:

Centre-pivot windows: This type of window remains one of Velux’s bestselling products because they are easy to open with a top control bar and once in place, furniture can be put underneath. These windows rotate 180 degrees for easy cleaning and are recommended if you would like your window in a low position, either because of a low ceiling or if you would like better views.

Top-hung windows: These windows are operated with a handle at the bottom and maximise the amount of natural light in your room. Opening outwards for an unobstructed view, they also rotate 180 degrees for easy cleaning.

Integra electric windows: This range of Velux windows are either electronically or solar powered and allow users to control a single window, set of windows, blinds and shutters with just one touch of the control pad. The controls can be set using one of the predefined programmes or a bespoke programme can be created based on your personal needs.

Conservation windows: These windows are designed for buildings in conversation areas so their black exterior profile blends seamlessly in old and listed buildings. They also have all the great features and superior energy efficiency properties of Velux windows.

Flat roof windows: Velux flat roof windows combine practicality and aesthetics and add a stylish feature to any home extension, office block or old room. Available in a classic modern with convenient dome or a stylish flat glass version, these windows are well designed, highly durable and weatherproof and will brighten up your property.

We can fit bespoke blinds into any Velux window and also install skylights and sun tunnels. There are limitless options for filling your home with light and air, so contact us for free advice or a quotation.
Simply Roof Windows - Certified Velux Installers in Surrey

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