Simply Roof Windows - The Certified Velux Installers in Surrey
Simply Roof Windows - Certified Velux Installers in Surrey

Fakro Roof Window Replacements

Do you have an old Fakro roof window, which needs replacing? Velux is the undisputable number one manufacturer of roof windows, so if you have a Fakro roof window – or a roof window from another leading brand – that is broken, draughty or in poor condition, please contact us and we will happily install a Velux alternative in the same space, in as little as four hours. Our unique installation technique does not require scaffolding and will save you between £750 and £1,500 on the cost of installing your roof windows.

Whether you would like a window that matches the space or spaces exactly or you would like to rethink the space entirely, our team are here to help. We can install windows into converted and unconverted rooms and can offer you advice gleaned from over 30 years in the building trade.

Here are just a few on the benefits of Velux replacement windows:

Enjoy more daylight allowing you to enjoy the days for longer

Reduces the need for electrical light, therefore saving you money on your energy bills

All Velux windows can be fitted with made to measure blinds

New, elegant design with slimmer frames allowing maximum daylight to pass through them

Ergonomic control bar allowing for background ventilation even when the window is closed or you are not there

Cordless Venetian blinds

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Re-glazing and servicing

Is your Velux window cracked? Perhaps it gets misted up? Or perhaps you are seeking a more energy efficient pane? We have a vast knowledge of Velux products and alongside window replacements, we also re-glaze and service all types of Velux roof windows.

By installing a brand new low-energy pane you window will last for longer, will have better heat and sound insulation properties. This will also reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint.

Our re-glaze also includes a service of your Velux windows. A service will include:

  1. Replacing the seals on the window
  2. Ventilation filter replacement
  3. Oiling of mechanisms and hinges
  4. External cleaning of flashing kit

Give your windows a long life and call us for rood window installations, replacements, re-glazing and servicing at any time. We are also happy to advise you about how you can prolong the life of your windows. We also install and repair skylights and sun tunnels.

Simply Roof Windows - Certified Velux Installers in Surrey

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