Simply Roof Windows - The Certified Velux Installers in Surrey
Simply Roof Windows - Certified Velux Installers in Surrey

Installation of skylights and sun tunnels

There is simply nothing like the feeling of being able to lay down on the floor of your home or office and look upwards to see the sky through sky lights, or natural light via a sun tunnel. The health benefits of regular exposure to natural light has been well-documented; from vitamin D production that is vital for bone health and metabolism, through to boosting our immune systems and regulating our sleep cycles. If one of the areas of your domestic or commercial property is in need of natural light but not suitable for a roof window, we can install elegantly-designed and energy efficient skylights and sun tunnels.

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Stunning skylights for bright living

Available for both domestic and commercial customers, Velux Modular Skylights have been developed in association with renowned architects Foster + Partners to help you create a spacious, bright and light living or working space.

The main benefits include:

  1. An intelligent and elegant design with a slim profile and flush exterior for maximum light transmission
  2. Fully functional and 100 per cent modular so they fit any space seamlessly
  3. New framing material for unparalleled energy efficiency
  4. Daylight and ventilation control
  5. Tested for all weather conditions
  6. Available with internal motorised blinds
  7. Superior environmental profile compares to aluminium

Enjoy natural light in a windowless room with Velux sun tunnels

Sun tunnels – also known as sun tubes or light tunnels – are an innovative way to bring soft, natural light into cold and unwelcoming rooms that are not suitable for windows. They catch rays of light on the roof, which are then channelled through a reflective rigid or flexible tube into the room below, creating a room that feels bigger and airier. These can be added to bathrooms, hallways bedrooms or home offices so you can enjoy natural daylight.

The main benefits include:

  1. Sun tunnels are a very cost-effective way of brightening a room
  2. They will save you money on your fuel bills
  3. The Velux sun tunnel fit perfectly with any roof
  4. Can be added anywhere there is 6 metres or less between the roof and the ceiling
  5. Very versatile and Velux flexible tubes are ideal for awkward roof spaces
  6. Can be installed easily in minimal time

For more details, please see the product gallery. Both sun tunnels and skylights offer an outstanding combination of performance, design and functionality, so if you would like to know more, please call us.

Simply Roof Windows - Certified Velux Installers in Surrey

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